You well know from personal experience that having an improper sleep due to inappropriate pillow can result in multitude of health conditions. Therefore, you should choose the right pillow for your valued guests so they get a comfortable and healthy sleep at night.

But how can you choose such a pillow?

D-ZEE TEXTILES LLC can help you to decide what types of pillows you can buy for your customers so they get a good night sleep and wake up refreshed.

Cluster Fiber Pillow

The T-235 firm loft Cluster Fiber Pillow is made with virgin polyester cluster fiber which helps to maintain pillow’s resilience and softness. It’s hypo-allergenic feature helps to stop an allergic reaction and the 100% combed cotton shell gives added comfort and softness to the pillow.


Gel Fiber Pillow

Soft loft premium quality Gel Fiber Pillow gives you a down-like feel and its high-quality gel fiber helps to retains the pillow’s softness. The double needle stitching helps the pillow to retain its shape and its shell is made with 100% combed cotton for more comfort and softness.


Platinum Plus Pillow

The Platinum Plus is medium loft pillow manufactured with 50% cotton and 50% polyester shell. It’s a unique pillow having anti-microbial substance that kills or stops the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae.

Feather Pillow

Our Feather Pillow is manufactured with 80% finest white duck feather and 20% down alternative fiber. Its shell is made with T-235 combed cotton for long resiliency.

Now you can buy the best quality pillow for your valued customers from us on wholesale price and save up to 40% of your linen budget.