Surfing the net in the city

If you’re trying to categorize certain demographics in order to target them for your business, you might not be aware of where certain age brackets begin and end.

If you’re the one targeting the most common demographics then millennials are the one. They are generally the people born between 1990-2000 and represent the largest generation with approximately 92 million people born in the US.

The most common practices that relate to this generation is their social involvement and addiction to the internet life.

Here is the time for all the hotel brands to lock their plans to the future and try to adopt all the possible needs to attract the millennials. Here are some key points to attract millennial customers.

Mobile Friendly Environment

There is no doubt that the millennials are mostly attracted to mobile-friendly environment no matter where they plan to go. Most of the millennials are disappointed with hotels, who lack mobile responsiveness on their websites. As a hotelier, you must offer 24/7 WIFI facility to the customers.


Local Dining Options and Discounts

The hotel guest has come to experience certain standards and coming to a new country the most common thing which millennials expect is the local dining options and specialty of a certain city. It is good to invest in technology but the food is the way to a customer’s heart. Offering discounted for several events not only improve reservation but there is a chance of expecting new customers in future as well.


Greet Customers to Get More Customers

Due to the power of social media, it is obvious that a person would go through all the reviews about your hotel before planning to reserve a room so it is important to provide every possible relaxation to a customer to gain a new one in future. Offering a free glass of wine or greeting a customer with beautiful flowers and cards will ultimately make a person feel special.


Presentation is the key

Most of the millennials try to find an Instagram worthy space for their next stay as 80% of the them are equipped on Social mediums and post every single part of their life there. It is important that the overall interior of the room is breathtaking and attracts a person on the first look. Clean bed-sheets, and heavy curtains, with flexible chair, a wooden table and big window with immensely beautiful view is the key points which needs to be consider while planning to make a room.


Try to focus on the complementary bottle of wine, odor in the room and flowers on the table. it may sound cheesy, but these are the things Millennials look for as these are the things with which they can take pictures and post on their Instagram, Facebook or even Snapchat and it might attract to some people in your customers friend list.

Swimming Area and Outdoor Games

It is an additional investment which can also be done to attract millennials as they would always like to play indoor games during their stay. Organizing pool parties and night clubbing is a must if your hotel is located in the western area because this is the part of the western culture and yet needs to be implemented to offer relaxation to the customers.


Easy Booking

Another most important recommendation for attracting millennials to your hotel is to offer easy booking. Make sure your website is registered to all the famous booking sites such as and so that it can be easy for the people to search your hotels. There must be a booking option on your own website as well with easy payment options.


These were some of the ways which we think can be used to attract millennials to our hotels, you are welcomed to share your experiences as well in the comments section below to share knowledge.

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