Here is How Hotels Are Using Artificial Intelligence to Create Value

Over the last couple of years, we saw many changes in technology especially in the adoption of artificial intelligence by the hospitality industry. No matter what, this new technology in the hospitality sector has left other competitors behind and at the same time has significantly increased value for hotel customers.


Artificial intelligence has become more reliable due to its advancement in the business world. Many of the hotels and resorts have already implemented this great technology into their business ventures to enhance their customer’s experience by providing them exceptional services.


In the world of science and technology, the industries who are continuously neglecting new inventions and innovations by not making them part of their business are ultimately slowing down their revenue. In order to maintain constant growth, it is important to move two steps forward with the competitors. The concept of Artificial Intelligence is much wider and for the hospitality sector, it shows the promise of transforming its processes, services, and facilities through AI-powered robotics.


AI has entered the traditional hospitality landscape with a promise to enhance hotel reputation, drive revenue and take customer experience to the next level. In this article, you’ll be reading about the impacts which AI has put on the hospitality industry.


Adoption of Chatbots

Chatbots are the robots that can conduct conversations with humans through chat interfaces. These bots are able to converse with humans by answering their queries or giving recommendations in real time.


The adoption of chatbots will change the overall look of the hotel and ultimately the customer satisfaction will rise. To make your hotel space more customer-centric it is important to adopt these new technologies.


Oracle Report and Artificial Intelligence

According to an Oracle report, Hotel 2025, 68% of hotel operators predict that the use of robots for check-in and checkout will be mainstream by 2025. Many hotels have already adopted AI for the best customer experience and in the meantime, it has become a necessity for the hospitality sector to move on with new technologies.


Jim Holthouser, Executive Vice President for Global Brands at Hilton, stated “this isn’t about reducing staff. That’s not where our minds are whatsoever. But if you can take 100 different routine questions off the front desk, at the end of the day, it helps them answer phones faster, it helps them check people in faster, it frees them up to actually deliver hospitality.”


Concierge Robot in Hilton

Hilton is the first hotel to test an artificial intelligence-powered concierge robot for its chain of hotels in the US through a partnership with IBM’s Watson program.


Jonathan Wilson, vice president of Hilton says, “We’re focused on reimagining the entire travel experience to make it smarter, easier and more enjoyable for guests.”


After introducing the concierge robot in the hospitality industry, Hilton has already set an example of being the most diverse hotel in this industry.


Automated Apps for Customer Service

The adoption of automated apps is not new for the hospitality industry as many hotels are already using this technology for the enhancement of their customer services. Applications for bookings, check-in, and check-out, ordering food or asking for any other services have been implemented in the hospitality sector to provide the ease of access to the guests.


The adoption of AI programs has created pressure for the hoteliers and the impacts of this technologies can be seen from the start only. What do you think will be the next new invention in the hospitality sector? Comment below.