Are you worried about dust mites & allergies in Hotel Rooms? Here’s how to survive

If you have dust or any other allergies – traveling can be quite a pain especially due to the discomfort of hotel beds and the existence of dust-mites. There have been some new innovations like hypoallergenic bedding but not all hotels are using them. Other options include to remove the dust regularly or ask the hotel room service to do that.

However, in most cases you might not have a lot of control while facing this issue as dust mites can be anywhere. Travel should be fun rather than worrying about thing such as these so don’t stress out – to avoid feeling tired and itchy from resting yourself in a foreign bed here is what to do.



Ask your Hotel to use Hypoallergenic Bedding Products

Hotel customers typically spend a third of their time in bed, so the use hypoallergenic bedding is quite commendable. No one wants to suffer from allergies and get itchy from bed bugs or dust mites – especially when they are trying to sleep. We recommend covering your mattresses and pillows with dust and mite protective covers such as these hypoallergenic bedding products.


Location Matters

The location of your hotel room is directly interlinked to the possibility of it containing allergies, dust, or mites. Some hotel rooms are naturally more allergy friendly due to their location inside of the hotel. The rooms on the higher floors are away from the hotel pools and have less moisture which means less risk for the growth of microbes and other allergy causing substances. Rooms closer to high traffic areas like lobbies and elevators would have more exposure to allergens brought in from the environment. Therefore, choose your room wisely if you have allergy issues.




Use Synthetic Pillows & Pillow Protectors

Animal feathers also contain allergens so the use of synthetic pillows is a good idea. You can also use pillow protectors to save yourself from any allergens that the pillow might contain. Many hotels are now accustomed to this problem so do not hesitate to ask the hotel stuff for the aforementioned things.


Use Anti-Allergen Spray

Many companies have started to offer products that claim to have an effect on allergenic proteins and minimize their allergy causing impact. People have reported improved allergy symptoms with the use of these products such as sprays on their beds and sofas in the hotel room. Some hotels might even have these sprays so you can ask for them as well.