Amazon’s Alexa is Changing Hospitality Industry Trends

Amazon’s Alexa is Changing Hospitality Industry Trends

Amazon’s Alexa is Changing Hospitality Industry Trends

The usage of latest technology in the hospitality industry has a key purpose that is to aid a hotel’s management in organizing day-to-day tasks and enhance the convenience of their guests. The use of artificial intelligence has caused a paradigm shift to the ways by which the hotel industry is dealing with the hospitality trends. One device that is now active in many hotels is Amazon Alexa, which provides an immersive experience to the guests.

With the recently launched Alexa for Hospitality, your guests will love and remember the personalized experience they will have during their stay and it will be a catalyst to choose your hotel repeatedly.

Alexa has not only improved the hotel staff’s productivity but has been a pleasure to the guests who enjoy the presence of a personal assistance at their service to carry out a number of tasks.

Amazon’s latest product Alexa for hospitality incorporates smoothly with your present amenities and services, to be the virtual concierge which every guest wishes for.

The hotel industry is one of those which cater to provide every guest with the time that is memorable for them as it is the only way that will improve the business. Stating simply, Amazon has determined hotel industry as a seamless platform for its Artificial Intelligence devices. The guests staying at any hotel anticipate ease and comfort at every level and this is exactly what Amazon has guaranteed with Alexa.

Tasks which Alexa for hospitality can perform

Proving to be a comprehensive virtual assistant, Alexa can play music for the guests, order towels, control room temperature and lighting, turn on the television, call at different departments within the hotel, search and inform about local restaurants and places to visit, and also make reservations. All a guest needs to do is to Just Ask and Alexa will forward the request to the concerned department to get it fulfilled.

The device automates these tasks being still in control of the hotel staff which in result improves the overall efficiency. As far as simpler actions such as controlling temperatures etc are fully automated.

If any guest wants, the artificial intelligence assistant can be removed from the room and they can enjoy the execution of various tasks with the conventional way.

The Up-Coming Features

As the company has announced that Alexa will be embedded with some more interactive features soon. By using Alexa at home too, your guests will be able to connect to their Amazon account. This connectivity will make the stay more personalized with access to their personal contacts, their favourite music and Audible books.

Amazon has also announced that the Alexa will be able to speak more languages including Spanish and Italian. Another special feature is that the data saved by the device will enable the hosting hotel to predict the guest’s needs and preference based on the previous stay.

Alexa for Hospitality Is a Preeminent Progress for Amazon

There is no doubt that artificial intelligence has taken every industry by storm. Hoteliers have many opportunities to make the most out of AI which can be a chief contributor in enhancing their businesses. Amazon has put up all the efforts to take over the rapidly growing industry of AI virtual assistants. Other tech giants like Google, Apple and Microsoft all are aggressively moving ahead with their own AI assistants, meanwhile, Amazon has definitely grabbed the opportunity with launch of Alexa for Hospitality and has become the top choice of Marriot Hotels’ first virtual concierge against Apple’s product.

Final Words

As a hotel owner and being part of a competitive industry, it is utterly important to inculcate latest trends and technologies. The competitive edge is significant to stand apart from the rest of the league.  As anticipated this is just the beginning and AI has a lot more to offer in future which can completely change the way the hotel industry is functioning today.

The paybacks of inculcating Amazon Alexa for Hospitality’s technology within your hotel premises are not only numerous but are also quite exciting. It reduces the workload and pressure from the staff while gaining a surplus benefit along with improvising the customized hotel stay of the guests. It’s not just Amazon – all tech giants are working to build devices that will give a paradigm shift to the hospitality industry soon.


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