How can towels add positive reviews for your hotel?

The first thing which a hotel guest usually checks in the room is the bathroom. It’s like the ultimate test of standards. There are various common luxuries that need to be highlighted in a hotel room to attract the guests such as bedding, bathrobes, and most importantly white fresh towels.


For the bedding, all you can do is keep it clean and fresh, but you convert plain towels into towel sculptures or towel origami. Guests will undoubtedly post a picture and the name of the hotel on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest. This will generate social media buzz for the property without hotels spending a dollar of marketing spend.


Let us look at some easy yet interesting towel origami ideas that you can apply to your hotel room.




Larry the Lobster

Turning a plain white towel into a lobster can be a fun thing to do at the same time it will attract your hotel guest. Most of the hotels often use towel art to spice up room decoration, while this lobster version could actually be a fun centerpiece for a seafood feast as well.



Towel Elephants

Easily change the look of your hotel towels with these Towel Elephants. It is a cute and incredible way to impress the guests at your hotel.




Bunny the Bouncy Rabbit

Turn that ordinary face cloth into a bouncing bunny. This amazing origami can be a great decor for your hotel washrooms or side tables. The guest at your hotel would love to see this extra folding effort and share this with their fellows, and this is all you ever wanted.




Fluffy Cat

Cute fluffy cats are something we all wanted to have since childhood. Just like you, your guest will also be overwhelmed when they will see this cute origami cat in their hotel room. Fold your plain towels into a cute cat that looks ready to pounce.




Beautiful Swan

Next time when you have a special guest arriving, or just want to perk up your bathroom sink, try these adorable swan towels.


These animal towel origami are already used by many hotel and resorts to attract their customers and after all, it is the cutest way to greet a guest. Let us know which origami did you like the most? And if you want to see the directions to fold towels into this origami, let us know in the comments below.



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