4 Tips to Make Your Hotel Towels Last Longer

Hotels have to wash their towels frequently to give guests a healthy and fresh linen encounter, but vigorous institutional laundering can be damaging to hotel towels. Here are some of the tips and tricks to make your towels last longer:

1. Wash Towels Alone

Different linen products have different washing and cleaning requirements. Towels come in close contact with the skin and must be fresh and hygienic, therefore, need to be washed separately from bed sheets and other linen items. As a responsible hotel management, you must not even wash all towels together, because each towel is suited for a different washing mechanism. For example, hotel pool towel may require different washing processes to make them chlorine-free while hotel bath towels need to be treated more gently to maintain a softer and fluffy feel. Washing towels alone also helps keep the color in place and avoids a runoff.

2. Dry Them Properly

Before taking out towels from the dryer, make sure they are properly dried. Not only do wet towels have an unpleasant smell but also encourage bacteria and other microbial to grow. It is fair to say that hotels need to reuse the towels quickly, but giving damp towels to the guests will only worsen the situation. Your hotel must have enough stock to serve the guests until a washing and drying round is complete. A small date in the open air would make your towels fresh and completely dried, but over-drying can also damage the hotel towels, so make sure you take proper care of them because you don’t want to repurchase often, do you?

3. Avoid Softeners

Although softeners may make your hotel towels smell fresh and soothing, they ruin them before you even know it. The softeners create a waxy layer over-time which damages the absorbency of the towels. Fabric softeners are made with a combination of chemicals that create a thin layer of lubrication on the surface of textile fabrics, eventually keeping the towels and other textile products from absorbing water. Although DZEE Textiles manufactures highly-absorbent towels, you still need to be careful so the absorbency stays. Now imagine that your guests take a warm bath but the towels won’t wipe them dry? Eh! And imagine your hotel pool towels being not-so-absorbent? It is time to say goodbye to all fabric softeners!

4. Keep the Washing Machines Clean

A responsible and well-managed hotel ensures that every product that comes in contact with the hotel guest, directly or indirectly, is properly cleaned. After every wash, you must clean your washing machines thoroughly and rigorously so they are ready for the next round. The least you would want is the color from your previously washed colored pool towels to get on your new bath towels, or all your washing efforts to go in vain. DZEE Textiles promises longlasting towels, but a little effort from you would make them last even longer!