3 Tips to Make Your Hotel Rooms Luxurious and Lit

Your hotel rooms need a fresh breath of air every now and then but don’t worry, we are not suggesting a change in the furniture or so, but the room must look different when your guests revisit it. Here are some tips and tricks to give a different look and feel to your hotel room without spending a lot:

1. Change the Fragrance

Fragrances have an amazing impact on your moods and are associated with increased alertness, uplifting mood, relaxation and motivation, and aromatherapy are commonly used as a medical process to enhance one’s overall well-being. A change in the fragrance will freshen up the feel of the room while adding a new essence to the hotel. Invest in a floral fragrance or add a tinge of essential oils to brighten up the mood.

2. Soften the Lights

Everyone loves bright lights and a glowing room. Guests love taking pictures and selfies before leaving the room to save the memories, but harsh or abrasive lighting is highly likely to cause anxiety and an unexplained agitation among the guests. Soften the lights in the room by bringing side lamps to some use and filtering the sunlight through silk net curtains for a different look and feel. Using warm LED light bulbs is also a great idea.

3. Add Another Cushion

What would life be without an extra pillow on the bed? I often wonder. Add some pillows and cushions to your hotel room and welcome your guests with some more love and care. However, make sure your pillows are hypoallergenic and made of 100% virgin cotton to ensure breathability while avoiding all possible allergies and skin conditions. Adding a colored cushion would do the job well!

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Posted in Hospitality Tips By Jason D Souza