At some point in life, all of us have faced insomnia and sleeplessness and wished we knew how to fix it. Don’t worry, you are not into this alone!

Read the article and find out some of the tips and tricks to improve your sleeping patterns:

1. Listen to Your Circadian Rhythms

Everyone has different sleeping patterns and body responses which are developed over the course of time. If you have been working at night for some time then you are likely not to feel sleepy during the night, because your body has become used to staying up in dark. Others are likely to be deprived of the energy as the sun sets because their circadian responses are associated with light. Do not force yourself to sleep at a time when you usually don’t, instead, sleep when you feel the need to.

2. Limit Your Nicotine Intake

Nicotine disrupts your sleeping behavior and keeps you up for a longer time. It is okay to have that extra cup of coffee during exams but control your nicotine intake on the regular days if you wish to sleep better. Make sure you don’t have coffee and tea nor you smoke close to your bedtime because it energizes your body and discourages sleep. Do not consume alcohol before going to the bed, even though you assume you will sleep better and immediately doze off, it will make you wake up frequently during the middle of the night.


3. Sleep on a Comfortable Bed

Not everyone likes an extra pillow on the bed, not everyone loves a very soft bed. You are a grown up and should know how you like your bed. Find out how your bed looked like the morning you woke up really fresh and energetic or think of the times when you struggled with sleeping and ask yourself what caused the discomfort. It is essential to have breathable cotton bed-sheets so you don’t sweat at night. Oh, and make sure you soften the lights in the room before sleeping.