3 Things Guests Notice First in Your Hotel Room

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3 Things Guests Notice First in Your Hotel Room

1.      The Essence of Luxury

Everyone wants to have a luxurious, extravagant and out-of-the-world room to stay in, even when they are paying a few bucks for it. They imagine themselves entering a hotel room with a space for fire and soothing room lamps, clean bedsheets with a calming fragrance and a soft duvet that massages their body and a view of the ocean to make their trip a perfect one, however, offering so much for so little isn’t always easy. Pair your clean white bedsheets with an elegant top sheet to give that extra luxury while a gentle citrus scent in the room would add a cherry on top!


top sheets

2.     What’s in for Entertainment?

While guests come back from a tiring day of exploring the city and shopping, they wish to lie down on a comfortable bed and watch television. But that’s not it! They want television channels of the United States to know what’s happening around the country and channels from their home country to keep themselves updated. Not to forget, television with an HDMI port is mandatory so they can watch movies, see pictures or simply view files on a larger screen. Oh, and make sure you have universal television remote for rescuing guests who can’t find theirs.


 universal television remote

3.      Cleanliness, Cleanliness, Cleanliness!

Nobody wants to live in a room which still has the scent and traces of its previous habitant. Guests wish to own the room like it is their own and want to find the cleanliest room when they enter, with every piece placed nicely into its right place. From fresh and soft bath towels, to empty trash cans with new garbage bags, everything must look like it just got delivered from the retailed. As a hotel management, cleanliness and comfort stands as your utmost priority but a little smartness will take you to a whole new level of customer satisfaction.

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